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Facoltà di Diritto Canonico

Canon Law Periodicals

This list includes periodicals on canon law or periodicals which treat canon law as one subject among others.
Periodicals on Church and State questions are included, if such periodicals occasionally publish articles on canon law.
Cfr.: Yearbooks, periodicals, newsletters, and journals published by the Holy See
= Current Periodicals --- Number: 72
= Periodicals that have ceased publication --- Number: 25

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Title ISSN Abbreviations (explanation) online   Place of publication Editor Notes Shelf mark PUG
ISSN Online Years
Adnotatio Iurisprudentiae 2336-4629Brno
since 2006
Diocesan tribunal of Brno
African Journal of Canon Law Studies 2311-4029Nairobi
since 2014
Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Institute of Canon Law Until now, only the volume of 2014 has been published.
(until 1911:) Analecta EcclesiasticaIATG3AnEc Rome
1893 - 1911
D 5
(until 1891:) Analecta Juris PontificiiIATG3AIPRome
1855 - 1891
D 4
Full Text (1855-1878)
Annales Canonici 1895-0620
PUG: AnnCanCracow
since 2005
Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawla II w Krakowie, Wydział Prawa Kanonicznego D 226 (2005-2017)
Full Text (since 2012)
Annali di Diritto VaticanoRome
since 2015
D 246
Année CanoniqueSee: L’Année Canonique
(until 2009:) Annuario Direcom 1660-4032Lugano
2002 - 2009
Facoltà di Teologia di Lugano D 223
Annuarium Iuris Canonici 2450-4629Warsaw
since 2014
Uniwersytet Kardynala Stefana Wyszynskiego, Wydzial Prawa Kanonicznego Online Periodical Full Text
Anuario Argentino de Derecho Canónico 0328-5049PUG, HdbKathKR3AADCBuenos Aires
since 1994
Facultad de Derecho Canónico »Santo Toribio de Mongrovejo« der Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires D 204
Full Text (since 2009)
Anuario CanónicoSantiago de Chile
since 2015
Asociación Chilena de Derecho Canónico Full Text
Anuário da Sociedade Brasileira de CanonistasBelenzinho
since 2017
Sociedade Brasileira de Canonistas
Anuario de derecho canónico 2254-5093HdbKathKR3ADCValencia
since 2012
Universidad Católica de Valencia D 242
Full Text
Apollinaris 0392-2359IATG3Apoll.
since 1928
Pontificia Università Lateranense, Institutum Utriusque Iuris D 82
(until 1964:) Archeion ekklesiastikou kai kanonikou dikaiouIATG3AEKD Athens
1946 - 1964
Archiv für katholisches Kirchenrecht 0003-9160IATG3AKathKR
since 1857
Klaus-Mörsdorf-Studium für Kanonistik der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Place of publication 1857-1861: Innsbruck; 1862-1998: Mainz D 89
Full Text (1857-1896)
(until 1943:) Archivio di Diritto EcclesiasticoIATG3ADE Rome
1939 - 1943
D 86
since 1990
Ufficio del Lavoro della Sede Apostolica Full Text
Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law 0146-2989
since 1971
D 99
Cahiers du droit ecclésialSee: Les Cahiers du droit ecclésial
Canon Law Abstracts 0008-5650IATG3CLAbsEssex
since 1958
Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland Pagination of every issue starts with 1. D 88
(until 2009:) Canonical Studies1991 - 2009Canon Law Society of India Full Text
CanonistSee: The Canonist
Canoniste contemporainSee: Le canoniste contemporain
Časopis jurisprudence kanonického právaSee: Adnotatio Iurisprudentiae
Church Law ReviewSee: Revue církevního práva/Church Law Review
CLSA, Proceedings of the ... Annual ConventionSee: Proceedings of the annual Convention - Canon Law Society of America
Colectánea de Jurisprudencia Canónica 0210-0711Salamanca
since 1980
Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Facultad de Derecho Canónico D 7 (1974-1984)
Commentarium pro Religiosis et Missionariis 1124-0180IATG3, HdbKathKR3CRM
since 1920
Institutum Iuridicum Claretianum D 94
Communicationes 0393-0327IATG31969-1988: CCCIC
1989-: CCLT

PUG: Comm.
since 1969
Pontificium Consilium de Legum Textibus D 12
Full Text (partially)
Daimon. Annuario di diritto comparato delle religioni 2036-0754Bologna
since 2001
N 223
De processibus matrimonialibus 0948-0471IATG3, HdbKathKR3DPM
PUG: DeProc
since 1994
D 216
Full Text
(until 1916:) Deutsche Zeitschrift für KirchenrechtIATG3DZKR Tübingen
1903 - 1916
Direito & PastoralSee: Revista Brasileira de Direito Canônico
Diritto e religioni 1970-5301Cosenza
since 2006
D 245
Diritto EcclesiasticoSee: Il Diritto Ecclesiastico
(until 2013:) Eastern Canon Law 2064-0412 Rome
2012 - 2013
St Athanasius Greek-Catholic Theological Institute in Nyíregyháza D 238
Eastern Legal Thought Kochi
since 2001
Syro Malabar Major Archiepiscopal Tribunal D 247 (since 2015)
Ecumeny and Law 2353-4877Katowice
since 2013
Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego D 239
Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 0013-9491
since 1945
Studium Generale Marcianum, Facoltà di Diritto Canonico S. Pio X 1945-1993 publiced in Rome, ed. by the Officium Libri Catholici, P. Fedele D 97
Estudios eclesiásticos 0210-1610IATG3, HdbKathKR3EEMadrid
since 1922
Universidad Pontificia Comillas Since 1999, the fourth number of every year is dedicated to canon law. C 56
Ex Lege : informatore normativo delle parrocchie e degli enti non commerciali 2239-2513Milan
since 1995
Avvocatura della diocesi di Milano
(until 2005:) Fidelium Iura 1132-7308HdbKathKR3FIPamplona
1991 - 2005
Universidad de Navarra, Istituto Martín Azpilcueta D 56/a
Full Text
(until 2011:) Folia canonica 1419-0060IATG3, HdbKathKR3FolCan
1998 - 2011
Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem, Kánonjogi Posztgraduális Intézet since 2012 continued as "Folia theologica et canonica" D 218
Folia theologica et canonica 2063-9635Budapest
since 2012
Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem, Kánonjogi Posztgraduális Intézet C 371
Forum Canonicum 0872-0835PUG, HdbKathKR3ForCan Lisbon
since 1991
Instituto Superior de Direito Canónico der Universidade Católica Portuguesa Pagination of every issue starts with 1.
After vol. 15 (2005), in 2006 the volume numbering restarts with 1.
D 229
(until 2005:) Forum IuridicumPUG: FIurWarsaw
2002 - 2005
Papieski Wydział Teologiczny w Warszawie
(until 2006:) Forum. A Review of Canon Law and JurisprudencePUG: Forum Valletta
1990 - 2006
Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Malta D 208
Guida del CleroSee: La guida del Clero
Il Diritto Ecclesiastico 1128-7772
since 1890
From 1952 to 2007 each volume is divided into two parts; each of them starts with page 1 (first part: doctrine etc., second part: jurisprudence etc.). D 85
(until 2014:) Iura Orientalia 1828-1788Rome
2005 - 2014
Pontificio Istituto Orientale, Facoltà di Diritto Canonico Orientale Online Periodical Full Text
Ius Canonicum 0021-325X
PUG, HdbKathKR3IusCan
since 1961
Universidad de Navarra, Facultad de Derecho Canónico D 84
Full Text
Ius Communionis 2340-258XMadrid
since 2013
Universidad San Dámaso, Instituto de Derecho Canónico D 244
Full Text (2013-2014)
Ius Ecclesiae 1120-6462
since 1989
Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Facoltà di Diritto Canonico D 202
Full Text (1989-2011)
Ius matrimoniale 1429-3803PUG: IusMatWarsaw
since 1996
Uniwersytet Kardynala Stefana Wyszynskiego, Wydzial Prawa Kanonicznego D 234 (1990-1994)
Full Text (since 1996)
Full Text (since 2005)
Ius missionale 2520-0089PUG: IM
since 2007
Pontificia Università Urbaniana, Facoltà di Diritto Canonico D 230
(until 1940:) Ius Pontificium seu Ephemerides urbanae ad canonicas disciplinas spectantesIATG3IusPont Rome
1921 - 1940
D 87
Iustitia: Dharmaram Journal of Canon Law 2248-9789Bangalore
since 2011
Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Institute of Oriental Canon Law D 241
Journal du droit et de la jurisprudence canoniqueSee: Le Journal du droit et de la jurisprudence canonique
JuristSee: The Jurist
Kanon 0259-0727IATG3, HdbKathKR3KanonVienna
since 1973
Gesellschaft für das Recht der Ostkirchen D 20
Kirche und Recht 0947-8094
HdbKathKR3KuR (Neuwied)
since 1995
D 236 (since 2014)
Kościół i Prawo 0208-7928
since 1981
Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego Jana Pawła II, Wydział Prawa, Prawa Kanonicznego i Administracji not published 1999-2011 Full Text (since 2012)
L’Année Canonique 0570-1953IATG3, HdbKathKR3ACan
PUG: Acan
since 1952
Société Internationale de Droit Canonique et de Législations Religieuses Comparées D 81
(until 1924:) La guida del Clero Putigliano
1915 - 1924
D 8
(until 1926:) Le canoniste contemporainParis
1878 - 1926
D 110
Full Text (1878-1901)
(until 1898:) Le Journal du droit et de la jurisprudence canoniqueParis
1880 - 1898
D 109
Full Text (1887-1898)
(until 1995:) Les Cahiers du droit ecclésial 0988-7814 Luçon
1984 - 1995
Monitor Ecclesiasticus 0026-976XIATG3, HdbKathKR3MERome
since 1876
1876-1948: Il monitore ecclesiastico, ISSN 1120-0022;
not published 2006-2013
D 90
NewsletterHdbKathKR3CLSN Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland Pagination of every issue starts with 1. D 102
(until 1990:) Nuntia 1022-5226IATG3, HdbKathKR3NuntiaCittà del Vaticano
1973 - 1990
Pontificia Commissio codici iuris canonici orientalis recognoscendo D 98
Full Text
Österreichisches Archiv für Recht und Religion 1560-8670IATG3, HdbKathKR31950-1998: ÖAKR
1999-: ÖARR

PUG: 1950-1998: ÖAfK
since 1950
Until 1998 the title was: Österreichisches Archiv für Kirchenrecht, ISSN 0029-9820 D 92
Periodica de re canonica 2610-9212IATG31905-1935: PRCM
1937-1990: PRMCL
1991-: PRC

PUG: 1905-1990: PRCM
1991-: Periodica

HdbKathKR31905-1990: PerRMCL
1991-: PerRCan
since 1905
Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Facoltà di Diritto Canonico 1905-1935: Periodica de re canonica et morali; from 1909 to 1936 each volume is divided into two parts; each of them starts with page 1.
1936-1990: Periodica de re morali canonica liturgica, ISSN 0031-529X
D 107
Philippine Canonical Forum 0119-9617
since 1999
Canon Law Society of the Philippines D 221
Prawo i Kościół 0208-7928Poznań
since 2006
Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu. Wydział Teologiczny D 240
Prawo Kanoniczne 0551-911XIATG3PraKan
since 1958
Uniwersytet Kardynala Stefana Wyszynskiego, Wydzial Prawa Kanonicznego D 93
Full Text
Proceedings of the ... Annual Conference of the Canon Law Society of Australia and New ZealandCanon Law Society of Australia and New Zealand
Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Canon Law Society of Nigeria Canon Law Society of Nigeria
Proceedings of the annual Convention - Canon Law Society of America 0277-9889Washington
since 1971
Canon Law Society of America Mag. 80 CD
Quaderni dello Studio RotalePUG: QSR Rome
since 1987
Studium Rotale D 219
Quaderni di diritto e politica ecclesiastica 1122-0392since 1984 D 17
Quaderni di diritto ecclesiale 1124-1179PUG, HdbKathKR3QDEMilan
since 1988
D 201
Full Text (1988-2007)
(until 1941:) Rassegna di morale e diritto Rome
1935 - 1941
D 21
(until 2012:) Recueil canonique d’Arras 2262-1512 Arras
- 2012
Officialité du diocèse d’Arras
Revista Brasileira de Direito Canônico 1981-7096PUG: 1986-2005: DirPast
2006-: RBDC
Rio de Janeiro
since 1986
Pontifício Instituto Superior de Direito Canônico do Rio de Janeiro Until 2005 the title was: "Direito & Pastoral";
pagination of every issue starts with 1
D 30
Revista Crítica de Derecho Canónico Pluriconfesional 2387-1873
since 2014
Full Text
Revista de Direito Canônico Suprema Lex 2236-4137São Paulo
since 2011
Faculdade de Direito Canônico São Paulo Apóstolo
Revista Española de Derecho Canónico 0034-9372IATG3, HdbKathKR3REDCSalamanca
since 1946
Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Facultad de Derecho Canónico D 112
Full Text (1946-2014)
Revista General de Derecho Canónico y Derecho Eclesiástico del Estado 1696-9669Madrid
since 2003
Online Periodical Full Text
Revista Mexicana de Derecho Canónico 1665-8035PUG: RMDCMexico City
since 1995
Universidad Pontificia de México, Facultad de Derecho Canónico D 211
Revista peruana de derecho canónicosince 2010Asociación Peruana de Canonistas
Revue církevního práva/Church Law Review 1211-1635
since 1995
Church Law Society Full Text
Revue de Droit Canonique 0556-7378IATG3, HdbKathKR3RDCStrasbourg
since 1951
Université Marc Bloch de Strasbourg, Institut de droit canonique D 95
Roczniki Nauk Prawnych 1507-7896
since 1991
Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski, Wydzial Prawa, Prawa Kanonicznego i Administracji until 1991, the periodical "Roczniki Teologiczno-Kanoniczne" was published Full Text
(until 1990:) Roczniki Teologiczno-Kanoniczne 0035-7723IATG3, PUG: RTK Lublin
1949 - 1990
Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski, Wydzial Prawa, Prawa Kanonicznego i Administracji C 170
(until 1982:) Roman Replies Washington
1981 - 1982
Canon Law Society of America since 1984 continued as "Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions" S. L. 80 CD
Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions 1543-4230Washington
since 1984
Canon Law Society of America In 1981 and 1982 "Roman Replies" was published (Mag. 80 CD 213). S.L. 80 CD
Scientia Canonica 2595-1157
since 2018
Instituto Superior de Direito Canônico Santa Catarina Full Text
Stato, Chiese e pluralismo confessionale 1971-8543Milan
since 2007
Online Periodical Full Text
Studia Canonica 2295-3019
IATG3, HdbKathKR3StCanOttawa
since 1967
Saint Paul University, Faculty of Canon Law / Université Saint-Paul, Faculté de Droit Canonique 1967-2012 published in Leuven, ISSN 0039-310X D 96
Studies in Church LawBangalore
since 2005
Centre of Canon Law Studies, St Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore D 227
Suprema LexSee: Revista de Direito Canônico Suprema Lex
The Canonist 1837-7025Sidney
since 2010
Canon Law Society of Australia and New Zealand Both issues of 2010 start with page 1. D 243
The Eastern Legal ThoughtSee: Eastern Legal Thought
The Jurist 0022-6858
IATG3, HdbKathKR3JuristWashington
since 1941
The Catholic University of America, School of Canon Law D 83
(until 1956:) The Jurist: Seminar Washington
1943 - 1956
The Catholic University of America, Department of Canon Law
(until 2011:) TribunálSpišské Podhradie (Slovakia)
2002 - 2011
Full Text
Universitas Canonica 0120-4491Bogotà
since 1980
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Facultad de Derecho Canónico not published in 1989 D 15 (1980-1988; 1990-2015)
Full Text (since 2015)
Vergentis 2445-2394Murcia
since 2015
Cátedra de Investigación Conjunta Inocencio III Full Text
Veritas et Jus 1664-1914Lugano
since 2010
D 223
Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte, Kanonistische Abteilung 0323-4142
HdbKathKR3ZRK.K = ZRG.Kan.Abt.
Vienna, Cologne, Weimar
since 1910
D 105
Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht und Tarifpolitik in Kirche und Caritas 2196-0119Stuttgart
since 2013

Sources of the abbreviations
IATG3 = Internationales Abkürzungsverzeichnis für Theologie und Grenzgebiete, 3a ed. 2014
PUG = Abbreviation used by the Faculty of canon law of the PUG (indicated here only if different from the IATG)
HdbKathKR3 = Handbuch des katholischen Kirchenrechts, 3a ed. 2015
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