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Articles from the periodical «Studia Canonica»
which have been inserted into the Bibliografia Canonistica

Volume and Pages Article Field of law
54 (2020) 291-322Becket Soule, W., «Bishops and the Loss of the Clerical State»Clergy / Penal Law
54 (2020) 265-290Rudinskas, A., «The Procedure for Administrative Recourse. A Comparative Study of the Latin and Eastern Codes»Processes
54 (2020) 221-264Renken, J.A., «The Canonical Rights of Those Accused of the Delict of Sexual Abuse»Penal Law
54 (2020) 181-219Mbandji, V.N., «L'enquête préliminaire dans la procédure pénale canonique»Processes
54 (2020) 167-179Mensah, J.-C.A.K., «Réformer les indulgences. Tentatives du pape Paul VI»Riconciliatioe
54 (2020) 133-166MacLellan, B., «The Restructuring of Religious Institutes in the Current Reality»Consecrated Life
54 (2020) 121-131Laschuk, A.M., «Amor coniugalis in Rotal Jurisprudence»Marriage
54 (2020) 91-120Huels, J.M., «The Valid Admission of a Godparent in Light of Canon 124 §1»General Norms / Baptism
54 (2020) 79-89Glyn, J., «Administrative Justice in the Particular Church»General Norms
54 (2020) 47-78Bosso, A.P.-J., «Note sur le concept et l'utilité de la sentence canonique»Processes
54 (2020) 31-45Bloomquist, L.G., «The Legal Art of Irnerius: the Hermeneutics Behind the Medieval Renaissance of Roman Law»History of Law
54 (2020) 5-29Austin, B.T., «Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege. The Principle of Penal Legality in the ius vigens»Penal Law
53 (2019) 627-658Renken, J.A., «Vos estis lux mundi. The Evolution of the Church's Response to Sexual Abuse and Its Cover-up After the Vatican Summit»Penal Law
53 (2019) 603-625Paprocki, T.J., «Confronting the Myths and Realities of Clerical Sexual Abuse of Minors in the Catholic Church»Clergy / Penal Law
53 (2019) 561-601Nkouaya Mbandji, V., «L'instruction d'une cause pénale»Processes
53 (2019) 481-560Le Tourneau, D., «Étude thématique des dispositions canoniques prises par les conciles réunis sous l'influence de saint Césaire d'Arles, de 506 à 541, et de leurs prolongements»History of Law
53 (2019) 467-479Laschuk, A.M., «Reflections on Clerical Concubinage»Clergy
53 (2019) 431-447Jakubiak, T., «Is Canon 874 a Disqualifying Law?»Baptism
53 (2019) 369-429Daniel, W.L., «The Principle of Collegiality in the Exercise of Judicial Power in the Church»Processes
53 (2019) 347-367Berthe, P.-M., «La fin de la commission pontificale Ecclesia Dei: une décision au service de l'unité catholique»Hierarchical Constitution
53 (2019) 297-315Clifford, C.E., «Diverse Structures and Procedures for the Exercise of the Teaching Office Anglican-Catholic. Ecumenical Learning»Teaching Office
53 (2019) 265-296Szabó, P., «Episcopal Conferences. Particular Councils, and the Renewal of Inter-Diocesan "Deliberative Synodality"»Particular Church
53 (2019) 233-263Kaptijn, A., «Exercising Teaching Authority in the Eastern Catholic. Patriarchal Churches»Teaching Office
53 (2019) 209-231Hachem, G., «Unité et diversité dans l'Église. Une réflexion théologique sur l'autorité d'enseignement en Orient»Particular Church / Theology of Law
53 (2019) 183-208Luciani, R., «Medellín as Synodal Event: the Genesis and Development of a Collegial Ecclesiality»Hierarchical Constitution / Theology of Law
53 (2019) 165-182Routhier, G., «Penser l'autorité des conférences épiscopales à la lumière de la catholicité de l'Église et de l'inculturation de l'Évangile»Particular Church
53 (2019) 127-164De Mey, P., «The Actors Involved in the Exercise of the Prophetic Office in the Church. The Common Message of Lumen Gentium 12, Lumen Gentium 25, and Dei Verbum 7-10»Teaching Office
53 (2019) 75-105Wijlens, M., «Representation and Witnessing in Synodal Structures. Rethinking the Munus Docendi of Episcopal Conferences in Light of Communio Fidelium, Communio Ecclesiarum and Communio Episcoporum»Particular Church / Teaching Office
53 (2019) 53-74Duffy, E., «Diversity in Teaching by Episcopal Conferences. Some Positive Considerations»Particular Church / Teaching Office
53 (2019) 33-52Witte, H., «The Impact of Digitalization on Ecclesial Processes of Synodality and Discernment»Particular Church
53 (2019) 15-32Ndongala Maduku, I., «Clès futures d'une Église mondiale aujourd'hui: défis pour la mission et l'enseignement de l'Église»Canon Law in general
53 (2019) 7-13Duffy, E. — Wijlens, M., «General Introduction. Diversity and Unity: Rethinking the Teaching Office of the Episcopal Conference in a Worldwide Church. A Study Project by the Peter and Paul Seminar»Teaching Office / Particular Church
52 (2018) 593-626Renken, J.A., «The Management of Church Property in a Synodal Church. Towards Eliminating Financial Misconduct»Church Property
52 (2018) 541-592Sagar Maddineni, S.Ch., «Implicit Rights of the Faithful in Book III of the Code of Canon Law»The Faithful / Teaching Office
52 (2018) 509-540Kaleta, P. — Morrisey, F.G, «Sponsorship of Catholic Health Care and Other Apostolic Works in the Church. Legal and Practical Aspects»Church and State
52 (2018) 491-508Jakubiak, T., «The Founded Hope that an Infant will be Brought up in the Catholic Religion as a Condition for Baptism»Baptism
52 (2018) 471-490Huels, J.M., «Veritatis gaudium and the Canon Law on Ecclesiastical Universities»Teaching Office
52 (2018) 443-469Glendinning, C.J., «Pastoral Conversion and the Exercise of Authority in the Church. An Examination of Pope Francis's Criteria for the Reform of Ecclesiastical Structures»Hierarchical Constitution / Canon Law in general
52 (2018) 407-441Daniel, W.L., «The Universality of the Ordo Iudiciarius of the Church»Processes
52 (2018) 375-405Charbonneau, L., «Le suicide assisté (euthanasie) et l'accès aux sacrements. Considérations canoniques et pastorales»Sacraments
52 (2018) 331-374Camirand, D., «Le secret des délibérations du jury et du conclave»Canon Law in general
52 (2018) 319-329Brown, Ph.J., «The Right of Defense and Due Process: Fulcrum of Justice, Heart of Law»Processes
52 (2018) 283-317Bosso, A.P., «La certitude morale dans le processus brevior: nouvelle dynamique ou constance de la doctrine canonique?»Processes
52 (2018) 223-253Pham, B., «Catholic Institutions and Chapter 11 Reorganization Bankruptcy, USA Civil Law and Canonical Considerations»Church and State
52 (2018) 205-222Petit, E., «Amoris Laetitia et la notion de gradualité. La doctrine canonique en faveur de la logique d'intégration»Marriage
52 (2018) 159-203Lusabe, L.N., «Evolution of Participative Structures within the Particular Church since the Time of Vatican II»Particular Church
52 (2018) 139-157Le Tourneau, D., «Les censeurs pour la publication d'ouvrages et le respect des droits fondamentaux des fidèles (can. 830 CIC)»Teaching Office
52 (2018) 103-138Glyn, J.E.A., «The Right to Administrative Justice in Religious Institutes»Consecrated Life / Processes / General Norms
52 (2018) 81-101Foster, J.J.M., «Canon 838 §2 and the Adaptation of Liturgical Books after the Motu Proprio Magnum Principium»Sanctifying Office
52 (2018) 45-80Bauer, N., «The Religious Habit in Church Law from 1917 to the Present»Consecrated Life
52 (2018) 5-44Renken, J.A., «Synodality. A Constitutive Element of the Church. Reflections on Pope Francis and Synodality»Hierarchical Constitution
51 (2017) 611-620Becket Soule, W., «The Canonical Status of an Ordinary Emeritus»Particular Church
51 (2017) 581-609Rosinski, M.F., «Mercy and Due Process in Religious Institutes»Consecrated Life / Penal Law
51 (2017) 551-580Pham, B.V., «Public Juridic Persons and Chapter 11 Reorganization Bankruptcy»Church Property
51 (2017) 529-549Laschuk, A.M., «Mitis Iudex and the Conversion of Ecclesiastical Structures»Processes
51 (2017) 497-527Lohse, E., «The Right of the Faithful to Enter a Church for the Offering of Divine Worship»The Faithful / Canon Law in general
51 (2017) 471-496Dunn, B., «The Merger of Parishes and the Closure of Churches. Lessons Learned form a Bishop's Perspective»Particular Church / Holy Places
51 (2017) 441-470Doktorczyk, S.S., «Obstinate Persistence in Doctrinal Error. The Delicts of Canon 1371, 1°»Penal Law
51 (2017) 391-439Awiti, M.R.A., «Formation during the Period of Temporary Vows. According to the 1983 Code and the Subsequent Holy See Documents»Consecrated Life
51 (2017) 357-389Alesandro, J.A., «One Hundred Years since the 1917 Code of Canon Law»History of Law
51 (2017) 323-355Abbass, J., «De Concordia inter Codices. Vers une harmonisation entre le code latin et le code oriental»Canon Law in general
51 (2017) 251-262Saint-Louis, E., «Les enjeux canoniques et pastoraux dans la nomination d'un administrateur apostolique dans un diocèse»Particular Church
51 (2017) 207-250Marcello, A.P., III, «The Computation of Time. A Canonical Overview»General Norms
51 (2017) 181-205Laschuk, A.M., «Participation of Eastern Hierarchs in Conferences of Bishops»Particular Church
51 (2017) 149-179Grassmann, A.E., «The Latin Ordinariates for the Faithful of the Eastern Rites. Genesis, Constitutional Positioning and Exposition of the Current Situation»Particular Church
51 (2017) 135-148Connolly, P., «The Concept of Scandal in a Changed Ecclesial Context»Canon Law in general
51 (2017) 113-134Borras, A., «La paroisse et les associations de fidèles à l'heure du pape François»Associations / Particular Church
51 (2017) 89-111Balog, M., «Famille ecclésiale de vie consacrée. Une nouvelle forme d'institut de vie consacrée»Consecrated Life
51 (2017) 55-87Austin, B.T., «Due Process of Law and the USCCB Essential Norms»Processes
51 (2017) 25-54Abbass, J., «Setting Limits on the Application of the Eastern Code to the Latin Church»Canon Law in general
51 (2017) 5-24Asselin, A., «Les structures diocésaines et paroissiales. Pour un ministère de justice et de compassion?»Particular Church
50 (2016) 531-544Szuromi, S.A., «An Historical Sketch of Principal Developments in the Canon Law on Temporal Goods»Church Property / History of Law
50 (2016) 519-530Renken, J.A., «Acts of the Church in Relation to Temporal Goods. The Ordinary and the Extraordinary»Church Property
50 (2016) 503-517Michowicz, P., «Révision des constitutions. Méthodologie et travaux pratiques»Consecrated Life
50 (2016) 485-502Lorusso, L. — Gallaro, G., «Divorced and Remarried in the Eastern Orthodox Churches»Marriage
50 (2016) 453-483Labrèche, Ch., «Le droit particulier de l'Église au Canada, de ses origines (1658) au Concile Vatican II (1962-1965)»Particular Church
50 (2016) 383-452Daniel, W.L., «The appellatio mere dilatoria in Causes of Nullity of Marriage. A Contribution to the General Theory of the Appeal against a Definitive Sentence»Processes
50 (2016) 359-382Bauer, N., «Profession by votum or by vinculum? Is One Bond Better than Another?»Consecrated Life
50 (2016) 347-358Acotchou, G., «Notes sur la dérogation du c. 579. Rescrit Ex Audientia (11 mai 2016)»Consecrated Life
50 (2016) 323-345Abbass, J., «De concordia inter Codices. A Commentary»Canon Law in general
50 (2016) 291-322Martens, K., «La réforme de la Curie romaine au service de la nouvelle évangélisation»Hierarchical Constitution
50 (2016) 277-289Paprocki, T.J., «The Chancellor as Minister of Administrative Justice»Processes / Particular Church
50 (2016) 175-247Daniel, W.L., «The Singular Administrative Act in Canon Law»General Norms
50 (2016) 165-174Balog, M., «Charisme fondateur»Consecrated Life
50 (2016) 145-163Huels, J.M., «Canonical Notes on the Pontifical Precepts on Married Eastern Clergy»Clergy
50 (2016) 95-143Renken, J.A., «Penal Law. A Realization of the Misericordiae Vultus Ecclesiae»Penal Law
50 (2016) 31-93Abbass, J., «Le code oriental et l'Église latine»Canon Law in general
50 (2016) 5-29Green, Th.J., «Initial Reflections on the "Schema Recognitionis Libri VI Codicis Iuris Canonici"»Penal Law
49 (2015) 643-660Szuromi, S.A., «Canon Law Historical Background of Categories of the Canonical Singular Administrative Acts»History of Law / General Norms
49 (2015) 613-642Robitaille, L., «The Formulation of the Doubt. The Essential Link between First and Second instance Decisions»Processes
49 (2015) 577-596Renken, J.A., «Acts of Extraordinary Administration of Ecclesiastical Goods in Book V of the CIC»Church Property
49 (2015) 555-574Recchi, S., «L'activité législative des conférences épiscopales. Les normes complémentaires au Cameroun»Particular Church
49 (2015) 529-554Morrisey, F.G, «Planning for the Demise or Diminishment of Canadian Religious Institutes. Canonical Issues»Consecrated Life
49 (2015) 501-527Martens, K., «"Quod superest date pauperibus". Incardination of Clerics and a Better Distribution of Clergy as a Road to Personal Prelatures?»Particular Church
49 (2015) 483-500Lourdusamy, S., «Canonical Perspective on Social Justice and Charity»The Faithful
49 (2015) 443-482Le Tourneau, D., «Les droits et les devoirs fondamentaux de la femme dans l'Église»The Faithful
49 (2015) 411-441Kowal, W., «The Non-Admission of the divorced and Remarried Persons to Holy Communion. Canon 915 Revisited»Marriage / Eucharist
49 (2015) 379-410Kaslyn, R.J., «Canon 290 and Loss of the Clerical State»Clergy
49 (2015) 357-378Joubert, Th., «L'élection épiscopale dans le dècret de Gratien. Un exemple de tradition canonique»History of Law
49 (2015) 309-331Huels, J.M., «Acts with a Juridic Effect in the Canons on Marriage»General Norms
49 (2015) 263-274Durand, J.-P., «Radiation civile de mention canonique de baptême»Canon Law in general
49 (2015) 229-261Dunn, B., «The Regulation of Concelebration by the Diocesan Bishop»Eucharist
49 (2015) 161-204Doe, N., «Comparative Church Law. Toward the Category of Christian Law»Canon Law in general
49 (2015) 139-160Demasure, K. — Maisha, B.M., «Abus sexuel des enfants. Péché ou pathologie? Une réflexion interdisciplinaire sur la question»Penal Law
49 (2015) 111-138Borras, A., «L'évêque diocésain, son conseil épiscopal et le conseil presbytéral au service du gouvernement du diocèse»Particular Church
49 (2015) 89-109Basdevant-Gaudemet, B., «La création du droit dans l'enracinement au passé grâce aux collections canoniques. Réflexions sur la formation du droit canonique»History of Law
49 (2015) 59-87Abbass, J., «A Legislative History of Eastern Canons 584-594 on Evangelization»Teaching Office
49 (2015) 29-58Asselin, A., «Les propositions finales dy synode des évêques sur la nouvelle évangélisation. Questions canoniques et voies d'avenir»Teaching Office
48 (2014) 531-547Viejo-Ximénez, J.M., «The Origins of the Science of Canon Law. Gratian and the Inartificiosa Eloquentia»History of Law
48 (2014) 493-530St. Louis Sanchez, A., «Separation of Spouses "Propria Auctoritate" and the Nature of Ecclesiastical Intervention»Marriage
48 (2014) 467-491Peters, E.N., «Toward Reform of the First Criterion for Admission to the Order of Virgins»Consecrated Life
48 (2014) 411-466Lyimo, P., «Evangelization in a Polygamous Society. Canonical and Pastoral Approaches»Teaching Office
48 (2014) 373-410Hansen, F., «The Threefold Power of Governance»Hierarchical Constitution
48 (2014) 331-372Glendinning, C.J., «The Priestly Society of Saint Pius X. The Past, Present, and Possibilities for the Future»Canon Law in general
48 (2014) 301-329Gillespie, K., «The Special Faculties Granted to the Congregation for the Clergy: For the Salvation of Souls and the Good Order of the Ecclesiastical Community. Context, Purpose, and Use»Hierarchical Constitution
48 (2014) 203-233Renken, J.A., «Pope Francis and Participative Bodies in the Church. Canonical Reflections»Particular Church
48 (2014) 189-202Murray, D., «With All Your Heart»Canon Law in general
48 (2014) 171-188Michowicz, P., «Legal Difficulties and / or Impossibility of Concerning New Forms of Consecrated Life»Consecrated Life
48 (2014) 151-169Gallaro, G.D., «Christian Oikonomia Revisited»Marriage
48 (2014) 129-149Easton, F.C., «The Development of CIC Canon 1342 §1 and Its Impact upon the Use of the Extra-Judicial Penal Process»Penal Law / Processes
48 (2014) 101-127Dion, M., «Le pouvoir de gouvernement et le diacre»Hierarchical Constitution / Holy Orders
48 (2014) 5-100Daniel, W., «The Nullity of the Definitive Sentence in the Jurisprudence of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota»Processes
47 (2013) 467-478Szuromi, S.A., «The Paleo-Christian Caracteristics of the Catholic Priesthood and Their Effect on Medieval (9th-12th Century) Structures of Priestly Formation»History of Law
47 (2013) 407-466Le Tourneau, D., «Le canon 213 sur le droit aux biens spirituels et ses conséquences sur les droits et les devoirs fondamentaux dans l'église»The Faithful
47 (2013) 361-405Abbass, J., «L'incidence sur l'église latine des canons 29-38 du CCEO traitant de l'inscription»Canon Law in general / Particular Church
47 (2013) 341-360Asselin, A., «Les ministres ecclésiaux laïcs et la révocation de leur office: en quête de justice et d'équité»Particular Church / Laity
47 (2013) 295-339Alesandro, J.A., «Removal from the Clerical State for the Sexual Abuse of Minors»Penal Law
47 (2013) 183-206Kowal, W., «Twenty Years after the Promulgation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Doctrinal Foundations for Marriage»Marriage
47 (2013) 145-181Roseman, D., «Mediation in the Church. A Review of the Literature and of the Key Elements of Mediation»Processes
47 (2013) 119-143Vasil', C. — Gallaro, G., «Remarriage in the Orthodox Church Challenges Catholic Church»Marriage
47 (2013) 89-117Daniel, W.L., «The Competence of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura over Recourse against the Rejection of a New Proposition of a Cause by the Roman Rota»Processes
47 (2013) 61-88Okoson, J.E., «The Collaborative Role of the Presbyteral Council in Diocesan Governance in Law and Statutes»Particular Church
47 (2013) 25-60Petit, E., «Le mariage civil des catholiques à la lumière des fictions du droit matrimonial»Marriage
47 (2013) 5-24Morrisey, F.G., «La liberté religieuse et l'intérêt public»Church and State
46 (2012) 489-510Abbass, J., «Canonical Studies. Making the Case for a Course on Conflict of Laws»Consecrated Life
46 (2012) 471-487Daniel, W.L., «The Preservation of Judicial Acts from Causes of the Nullity of Marriage»Processes
46 (2012) 401-469Lagos, J., «Parental Education Rights in Canada. Canon and Civil Law Approaches to Homeschooling»Church and State / Teaching Office
46 (2012) 375-400Navarro, L., «Clergy and New Ecclesial Movements. Juridical Issues»Associations / Clergy
46 (2012) 355-373Pelletier, J., «Le phénomène des abandons de l'Église par apostasie et par schisme»Penal Law
46 (2012) 341-354Richardson, W., «An Appalling Vista? The Future of Judicial Penal Trials in the Latin Code»Penal Law / Processes
46 (2012) 319-340Martens, K., «Patere legem quam ipse fecisti? Procedures and Protection of Rights in the Church and its Relevance for Religious Liberty»Church and State
46 (2012) 293-318Abbass, J., «The Explanatory Note Regarding CCEO Canon 1. A Commentary»Canon Law in general
46 (2012) 183-229Daniel, W.L., «The Doctrinal Contribution of Zenon Grocholewski to the Canonical Notion of Administrative Justice»Processes
46 (2012) 165-182Provencher, N., «L'avenir des paroisses au Canada. Impasses et voies d'avenir»Particular Church
46 (2012) 119-164Huels, J.M., «General Revoking Formulas in Canon Law and Their Juridical Effects»General Norms
46 (2012) 97-118Morrisey, F., «L'erreur déterminant la volonté (canon 1099)»Marriage
46 (2012) 75-96Abbass, J., «CCEO Canon 1 and Absolving Eastern Catholics in the Latin Church»General Norms
46 (2012) 51-74Le Tourneau, D., «L'adhésion au Magietère ecclésiastique»Teaching Office
46 (2012) 5-50Renken, J.A., «The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter. Canonical Reflections»Particular Church
45 (2011) 501-519Renken, J.A., «Contracts Threatening Stable Patrimony. The Discipline and Application of Canon 1295»Church Property
45 (2011) 443-484Huels, J.M., «The Act of 'Admitting' a Lay Person to Preach in a Church or an Oratory»Teaching Office
45 (2011) 411-441Hallein, Ph., «Le motu proprio Omnium in mentem et les conséquences canoniques des modifications»Holy Orders / Marriage
45 (2011) 355-409Glendinning, C.J., «Universae ecclesiae. Text and Commentary»Sanctifying Office
45 (2011) 329-353Daniel, W.L., «The Origin, Nature and Purpose of Canon Law in the Recent Pontifical Magisterum»Canon Law in general
45 (2011) 293-328Abbass, J., «Penance. A Comparative Study of the Eastern and Latin Codes»Riconciliatioe
45 (2011) 225-271Roseman, D., «Necessitas in the Context of Penance and Penalties in the Codex Iuris Canonici 1983»Penal Law
45 (2011) 191-223Renken, J.A., «Chaplains in Canon Law»Particular Church
45 (2011) 165-189Peters, E.N., «Benedict XVI's Remission of the Lefebvrite Excommunications. An Analysis and Alternative Explanation»Penal Law
45 (2011) 121-164Kalala, A.M., «Rémunération des clercs après le Concile. Le point du droit à la lumière de l'évolution du canon 281 §1 du Code de 1983»Church Property / Clergy
45 (2011) 67-120Daniel, W.L., «Motives in decernendo for Admitting a Cause of Marriage Nullity to an Ordinary Examination»Processes
45 (2011) 27-67Brown, P.J., «The Perils of Bankruptcy. Rights and Obligations Regarding Clergy Support»Church Property
45 (2011) 5-25Arrieta, J.I., «Stabilité et dynamisme du système juridique canonique»Canon Law in general
44 (2010) 511-544Huels, J.M., «The Efficacy of Delegation Without Notification of Acceptance»General Norms
44 (2010) 497-509Signié, J.M., «Et si on révisait le canon 786?»Teaching Office
44 (2010) 445-495Renken, J.A., «The College of (Eparchial) Consultors: A Comparison of Latin and Eastern Law»Particular Church
44 (2010) 427-443Hallein, Ph., «L'interdiction du cumul de l 'office du défenseur du lien avec d'autres offices et charges dans le tribunal ecclésiastique. Étude comparative entre le Code et l'Instrucion Dignitas connubii»Processes
44 (2010) 399-426Heith-Stade, D., «Receiving the Non-Orthodox: A Historical Study of Greek Orthodox Canon Law»Canon Law in general
44 (2010) 369-397Abbass, J., «Le Code oriental: une ressource pour la révision du Code latin»Canon Law in general
44 (2010) 343-367Tarver, M., «The Effects of Pornography Addiction on Marital Consent»Marriage
44 (2010) 293-342Glendinning, C.J., «The Significance of the Liturgical Reforms Prior to the Second Vatican Council in Light of Summorum Pontificum»Sanctifying Office
44 (2010) 211-258McCann, P., «The Sensus fidei and Canon Law»Canon Law in general
44 (2010) 189-209Daniel, W.L., «The Dissenting Conclusion of the Judge»Processes
44 (2010) 149-188Grob, J., «The Canon Law on the Rite of Major Exorcism»Sacramentals
44 (2010) 99-148Renken, J.A., «The Statutes of a Parish»Particular Church
44 (2010) 53-98Pudumai Doss, J., «Freedom of Enquiry and Expression of Christifideles? Some Juridical Considerations Starting from Canon 218»The Faithful
44 (2010) 31-52Coriden, J.A., «Parish Communities and Reorganizations»Particular Church
44 (2010) 5-30Nobel, M.-A., «The Validity of the Acts of a Suspect Judge»Processes
43 (2009) 521-546Allard, P., «Thomas More: Marriage, Family and Education»History of Law / Marriage
43 (2009) 487-520Renken, J.A., «The Parochus as Administrator of Parish Property»Particular Church
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