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Aufsätze aus der Zeitschrift «Newsletter»,
die in die Bibliografia Canonistica aufgenommen wurden

Band und Seiten Aufsatz Rechtsgebiet
n° 204 (2023) 27-44Arrieta, J.I., «The Return of Penal Discipline in the Pastoral Field of Government»Strafrecht
n° 204 (2023) 18-26Zielinski, C., «Inter-ritual Concelebration: East and West around one Altar»Eucharistie
n° 204 (2023) 3-17O'Riley, C.A., «Trauma, Stress, and Consensual Capacity»Ehe
n° 203 (2023) 153-164Read, G., «The Seal of Confession»Buße
n° 203 (2023) 126-152Fuentes, J.A., «The Sacramental Presence of Christ in the Eucharist»Eucharistie
n° 203 (2023) 92-125Zuanazzi, I., «The character of Baptism and Confirmation»Taufe / Firmung
n° 203 (2023) 51-91MacLellan, B., «Chapters and Assemblies: Governance Options for Canadina Religious Institutes»Geweihtes Leben
n° 203 (2023) 36-50Zieliński, C., «Adscription to a Personal Parish»Teilkirche
n° 203 (2023) 12-27Read, G., «Praedicate Evangelium: The Roman Curia and its service to the Church in the World»Hierarchische Verfassung
n° 202 (2022) 78-91Fleming, V., «Abortion: canon 1397 §2, its relevance for Catholics today in the light of civil legislation and United Nations' guidelines»Strafrecht
n° 202 (2022) 51-77Woodall, C.G., «Penal law, penal procedures and procedures relating to penal law»Strafrecht
n° 202 (2022) 30-50Cooper, J.M., «Consecrated Virgins and the Local Church: Considerations in Light of Ecclesiae Sponsae Imago»Geweihtes Leben
n° 202 (2022) 6-18Jones, S.M., «The Canons and the Pastoral Care of Travellers in time of Pandemic»Teilkirche
n° 201 (2022) 129-131Hayward, P., «Dismissal of a Bishop from the Clerical State»Strafrecht
n° 201 (2022) 114-128Pusch, M. — Zollner, H., «Observations from Safeguarding Work»Strafrecht
n° 201 (2022) 92-113McGrath, A., «New Penal Law for the Church»Strafrecht
n° 201 (2022) 67-91Nobel, M.-A., «Challenges for Interrogating Parties and Witnesses. Can Video-Conferencing Technology be Used ti Instruct Marriage Cases Especially When Parties and Witnesses Live Outside the Diocese?»Prozesse
n° 201 (2022) 52-53Collins, P., «The Juridic Status of the Responsa from the CDWDS»Allgemeine Normen
n° 201 (2022) 43-51Bradley, J., «Postquam Summus Pontifex: A Brief Overview»Heiligungsdienst
n° 200 (2021) 64-80Poland, J., «The Aspects and Aims of Penal Law in the Revised Book VI»Strafrecht
n° 200 (2021) 33-53Earl, B., «Opera Propria: Property or Patrimony?»Teilkirche / Geweihtes Leben
n° 200 (2021) 28-32Read, G., «Ratification of a negative First Instance decision»Prozesse
n° 200 (2021) 25-27Godfrey-Howell, C., «Lex and Liturgia»Heiligungsdienst
n° 200 (2021) 14-24Marcello, A.P., III, «Traditionis Custodes. Solutions in search of Problems»Heiligungsdienst
n° 198 (2021) 74-75Richardson, W., «Commentary on the new form of c. 579»Geweihtes Leben
n° 198 (2021) 3-65O'Reilly, C.A., «Moral Certainty and the Role of "Expert" Clinical Evidence»Prozesse
n° 197 (2020) 60-143Deighan, G., «The Extraordinary Minister of Sacred Ordination»Weihe
n° 197 (2020) 3-34McGrath, A., «Vos estis Lux Mundi. A Canonist reads the Motu Proprio of Francis»Strafrecht
n°196 (2019) 40-82Deighan, G., «Formal Defection from the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Dublin 1978-2015»Die Gläubigen
n°196 (2019) 15-39Torfs, R., «Canon Law and the Recommendations of the Royal Commission»Strafrecht
n° 196 (2019) 83-101Collins, P., «Can. 1055 and the Sacramentality of Marriage. An Examination of the ius vigens»Ehe
n° 195 (2019) 40-45Read, G., «Suppression of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei»Hierarchische Verfassung
n° 195 (2019) 29-39Morris, D., «Temporal Goods and the Irish Church. Current Issues»Vermögensrecht
n° 195 (2019) 9-28Galles, D., «The Civil Law's Influence on Church Property Law»Kirche und Staat / Vermögensrecht
n° 194 (2018) 39-55Morgan, E., «John Lewis Memorial Lecture: De minimis non curat lex. A Profound Juridical Unity?, 28 April 2018»Kirche und Staat
n° 194 (2018) 29-35Hereford, A., «Examination of the Instruction Ecclesiae Sponsae Imago, 8 June 2018»Geweihtes Leben
n° 194 (2018) 26-29Deighan, G., «Modification to the Instruction The Study of Canon Law in Light of the Matrimonial Process, 5 June 2018»Teilkirche / Prozesse
n° 191 (2017) 68-76Morgan, E. — Burke, P., «Borrowing from Ceasar? Has the time come for a review of the Canon Law on Temporal Goods?»Vermögensrecht
n° 191 (2017) 60-67Roche, A., «Commentary on Apostolic Letter m.p. Magnum principium with a note on C. 838 of the Code of Canon Law»Heiligungsdienst
n° 191 (2017) 35-45Paprocki, T., «Marriage, Same-Sex Relationships and the Catholic Church»Ehe
n° 190 (2017) 92-103Pereira, V., «Episcopus, Parochus, Christifideles and then some in Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus»Prozesse
n° 190 (2017) 70-91Easton, F.C., «Ecclesiastical Advocacy in Penal and Administrative Cases»Prozesse
n° 190 (2017) 56-69Valentan, S., «Searching for Truth in the Marriage Nullity Process»Prozesse
n° 190 (2017) 40-55Churchil, P., «Error as a Ground of Nullity of Marriage»Ehe
n° 190 (2017) 17-39McKeever, J., «The Evolution of Canon law regarding Mixed Marriages from 1917-2017»Ehe
n° 190 (2017) 7-16Read, G., «Marriage Delegation for the Priests of the Society of St. Pius X and Jurisdiction for Marriage»Ehe
n° 189 (2017) 86-100Schofield, N., «A Church without Bishops: Governance of the English Catholic Mission 1594-1685»Rechtsgeschichte
n° 189 (2017) 63-85Robbins, P., «The Difference between Validity and Truth. Some Pastoral Implications in Relation to Marriage»Ehe
n° 189 (2017) 54-62Costigane, H., «Conscience and Concordat: When Two Worlds Collide?»Kirche und Staat
n° 189 (2017) 35-44Churchil, P., «Authority in the Church»Hierarchische Verfassung
n° 189 (2017) 8-34De Paolis, V., «Offerings for Peter's Pence and Canon 1271. A Contribution to the Service of the Apostolic See»Vermögensrecht
n° 188 (2016) 59-70Adamowicz, L., «The Circumstances of Things and Persons that can allow a case for Nullity of Marriage»Prozesse
n° 188 (2016) 46-58Collins, P., «Mutatis mutandis: The Franciscan Reforms of Special Matrimonial Process Law»Prozesse
n° 188 (2016) 27-30Harrington, R., «Comment on Apostolic Constitution Vultum Dei Quaerere»Geweihtes Leben
n° 188 (2016) 15-19Read, G., «Comment on m.p. As a Loving Mother»Teilkirche
n° 187 (2016) 42-54Wilson, M.P.J., «Apostolic Letter Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus and the 1983 Code of Canon Law»Prozesse
n° 186 (2016) 5-49Wilson, M.P.J., «Apostolic Letter Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus and the 1983 Code of Canon Law»«Subsidium for the application of the M.p. Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus»Prozesse
n° 185 (2016) 81-90O'Reilly, P., «Dublin's Parochial Revolution»Teilkirche
n° 185 (2016) 42-80Mendonça, A., «The Effects of Child Abuse/Neglect on Matrimonial Consent»Teilkirche
n° 185 (2016) 36-41Gargaro, P., «Mitis Iudex and Diocesan Administrators»Teilkirche / Prozesse
n° 185 (2016) 27-29Gargaro, P., «Mitis Iudex and Diocesan Administrators»«Doctrinal Assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious»Geweihtes Leben
n° 185 (2016) 20-26Hadley, J., «Reflecions on Justice, Mercy and Canon Law»Rechtstheologie
n° 184 (2015) 169-181Ombres, R., «The Synod of Bishops. Canon Law and Ecclesial Dynamics»Hierarchische Verfassung
n° 184 (2015) 92-106Hansen, F., «Judicial Power and the Diocesan Bishop»Prozesse
n° 184 (2015) 70-91Robbins, P., «Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus. Some Personal Reflections and Practical Applications»Prozesse
n° 184 (2015) 19-69Morrisey, F.G., «The Motu Proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus»Ehe / Prozesse
n° 183 (2015) 60-64Harrington, R., «Comment on the Final Report on the Apostolic Visitation of Institutes of Women Religious in the USA»Geweihtes Leben
n° 183 (2015) 42-46Read, G., «Further Developments concerning Graviora delicta cases»Strafrecht
n° 183 (2015) 35-41Costigane, H. — Hurley, J.B., «Why have a Tribunal of Second Instance?»Prozesse
n° 183 (2015) 19-34McKeever, J., «Canon 1055. Current Relevance and Challenges»Ehe
n° 183 (2015) 11-18Kaveny, C., «Mercy for the Remarried. What the Church can learn from civil law»Ehe / Eucharistie
n° 183 (2015) 8-10Read, G., «Pope Francis simplifies and speeds up the process for declaring marriages null»Prozesse
n° 182 (2015) 73-95Morrisey, F., «Dealing Justly with Complaints against Church Personnel»Prozesse
n° 182 (2015) 51-72Hadley, J., «Intention "Contra Bonum Coniugum". Where are we now?»Ehe
n° 182 (2015) 19-50Renken, J., «Pope Francis and Participative Bodies in the Church. Canonical Reflections»Kirchenrecht allgemein
n° 182 (2015) 5-18Robitaille, L., «The Tribunal's Role in Evangelization. Honouring People's Lived Experiences»Prozesse
n° 181 (2015) 80-90Mendonça, A., «"Ipso Iure" Incardination. An Opinion»Teilkirche
n° 181 (2015) 63-69Robbins, P., «Comment and Reflections on Cardinal Burke's Article (The Nullity of Marriage Process as a Search for Truth)»Prozesse
n° 181 (2015) 41-62Burke, R.L., «The Nullity of Marriage Process as a Search for Truth»Prozesse
n° 180 (2014) 59-67Read, G., «Removal of a Bishop»Hierarchische Verfassung
n° 180 (2014) 48-58Kaleta, P., «Ordinary and Extraordinary Administration of Ecclesiastical Goods»Vermögensrecht
n° 180 (2014) 40-47Mendonça, A., «Necessity of using an Expert in a Marriage Case»Prozesse
n° 180 (2014) 35-39Mendonça, A., «Submission of the Same Cause»Prozesse
n° 180 (2014) 31-34Read, G., «Decree of the Holy Father concerning Appeals involving "Delicta Graviora"»Prozesse
n° 180 (2014) 27-30Robbins, P., «Establishment of a Commission»Prozesse
n° 179 (2014) 6-11Byrnes, M., «The dignity of the human person in the canonical process»Prozesse
n° 178 (2014) 84-100Morrisey, F.G, «Where are we today with Error Determining The Will (Canon 1099)?»Ehe
n° 178 (2014) 74-83Ekpo, A., «From "Sensus Fidei" to "Sensus Legis". Reconciling Faith and Law in the Church»Kirchenrecht allgemein
n° 178 (2014) 54-73Robbins, P., «Decisions from the Signatura in Relation to Marriage Processes»Prozesse
n° 178 (2014) 23-53Daniel, W.L., «The Publication of the Definitive Sentence»Prozesse
n° 177 (2014) 83-85Read, G., «Timelines at the Roman Rota»Prozesse
n° 177 (2014) 67-82Francis, M., «Power in the Church»Kirchenrecht allgemein
n° 177 (2014) 35-46Ombres, R., «The Situation of Runaway Religious»Geweihtes Leben
n° 177 (2014) 20-34Daly, B., «Canonical Consequences of Abortion»Strafrecht
n° 177 (2014) 15-19Robbins, P., «Decision of the Apostolic Signatura»Prozesse
n° 177 (2014) 5-14Duffy, M., «Episcopal and Petrine Authority»Hierarchische Verfassung
n° 175 (2013) 42-75Daniel, W., «The Strictly Judicial Function of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. History, Remit, Powers»Prozesse
n° 175 (2013) 38-41Hadley, J., «Benedict XVI, Motu proprio Intima Ecclesiae Natura, 11 November 2012. Comment»Kirchenrecht allgemein
n° 175 (2013) 26-31Read, G., «Congregatio Pro Clericis, Procedural Guidelines for Modification of Parishes, Closure and Relegation of Churches to Profane but not Sordid use and Alienation of the Same. Comment»Teilkirche
n° 175 (2013) 8-18Daly, B., «Absolution of An Accomplice in peccato turpi»Strafrecht / Buße
n° 175 (2013) 4-7Read, G., «The Renewal of the Vatican»Hierarchische Verfassung
n° 174 (2013) 48-79[senza autore], «Nullity of Marriage. Civil Law Equivalent of Canon 1095, 3°»Ehe
n° 174 (2013) 43-47Read, G., «Comment on Defect of Form Discussion»Ehe
n° 174 (2013) 30-42Robbins, P., «Defect of Form. Non-Existent or Invalid»Ehe
n° 173 (2013) 49-59Richardson, W., «An Appalling Vista: Revision of the Code on Penal Trials»Strafrecht
n° 173 (2013) 38-42Mendonça, A., «Unlawful use of Mass Offerings»Vermögensrecht / Eucharistie
n° 173 (2013) 15-20Read, G., «Manner and Effect of Resignation of Pope»Hierarchische Verfassung
n° 172 (2012) 103-120Daniel, W., «Dissenting Conclusion of the Judge»Prozesse
n° 172 (2012) 58-81Renken, J., «The Acquisition of Diocesan Revenue by a Diocesan Bishop»Vermögensrecht / Teilkirche
n° 172 (2012) 43-57Heyousun, H., «The Competence of a Diocesan Bishop over Religious in Penal Matters»Teilkirche / Strafrecht / Geweihtes Leben
n° 172 (2012) 36-42Mendonça, A., «Admission / Rejection of a Nullity Libellus»Prozesse
n° 172 (2012) 36-42D'Souza, V.G., «Priest after Sex Change Surgery. Male to Female»Kleriker
n° 172 (2012) 30-35Read, G., «Accountability and Transparency in the Vatican»Kirche und Staat
n° 171 (2012) 92-95Read, G., «Comment on Preservation of Judicial Acts: Signatura Apostolica»Prozesse
n° 171 (2012) 67-82Vondenberger, V., «Anorexia and Bulimia. Effects on Marital Consent»Ehe
n° 171 (2012) 37-47Robbins, P., «Presumption of Innocence in Clerical Sexual Abuse Cases. Review of Doctoral Thesis of Fr. William Richardson»Kleriker / Prozesse
n° 171 (2012) 26-36Harrington, R., «Comment on the CDF Assessment»Geweihtes Leben
n° 171 (2012) 17-25Levada, W.J., «Doctrinal Assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious»Geweihtes Leben
n° 170 (2012) 64-107Mendonça, A., «Juridical and pastoral Aspects of the Vetitum»Ehe
n° 170 (2012) 33-63Brennan, T., «Marriage amongst the Aborigines of Australia and Catholic Marriage»Ehe
n° 170 (2012) 23-28Read, G., «Comment on Decree of the Congregation for the Clergy on the Diocese of Cleveland's Closure of Churches»Teilkirche / Prozesse
n° 170 (2012) 4-18Hadley, J., «The Murphy Report. Archidiocese of Dublin»Strafrecht
n° 169 (2012) 73-98Beal, J., «Determining Error»Ehe
n° 169 (2012) 50-72McGrath, A., «Moral Certainty and Cases of Nullity in Canon 1095»Ehe
n° 169 (2012) 44-49Read, G., «Unlawful Episcopal Ordinations»Strafrecht / Weihe
n° 169 (2012) 28-43Lagges, P., «Remuneration and Sustenance of Priests in Sexual Abuse Cases»Vermögensrecht
n° 169 (2012) 22-27Read, G., «Personal Ordinariate. Erection in USA»Teilkirche
n° 169 (2012) 15-21Read, G., «Diocesan Bishop as Pastor in Child Abuse Cases»Kleriker
n° 169 (2012) 9-14Read, G., «Comment on Procedural Guidelines for Special Faculties of Congregation of the Clergy»Hierarchische Verfassung
n° 168 (2011) 104-122Beal, J.P., «From Theory to Practice. Finding Equivalent Conformity Between Sentences Decided on Force and Fear and Lack of Due Discretion or Simulation»Ehe
n° 168 (2011) 73-103Sheridan, S., «Incapacity and Simulation: Mutually Exclusive Grounds of Key Juridical Facts. Underlaying Conforming Sentences»Ehe
n° 168 (2011) 49-72Connaghan, A., «The Seal of Confession. Issues of the Civil Law»Kirche und Staat / Buße
n° 168 (2011) 30-48Daniel, W., «The Dissenting Conclusion of the Judge»Prozesse
n° 168 (2011) 6-29Tarver, M., «The Effects of Pornography on Marital Consent»Ehe
N° 167 (2011) 132-134Read, G., «Medicinal Penalties and Attempted Ordination of Women»Strafrecht
N° 167 (2011) 128-131Read, G., «Comment on Instruction Ecclesia Dei»Heiligungsdienst
N° 167 (2011) 113-116Read, G., «Comment on 'Divorced and Remarried Catholics. Consicence is Still Decisive' of J.A. Coriden»Ehe
N° 167 (2011) 101-112Coriden, J.A., «Divorced and Remarried Catholics. Conscience is Still Decisive»Ehe
N° 167 (2011) 51-98Hadley, J., «The College of Consultors»Teilkirche
N° 167 (2011) 40-50Malone, A., «Cultural Change and Marital Jurisprudence»Ehe
N° 167 (2011) 19-39Lüdicke, K., «A Theory of Bonum coniugum»Ehe
N° 167 (2011) 5-18Morrisey, F., «Violations of Canon 277 (with an Adult)»Kleriker / Strafrecht
n° 166 (2011) 60-103Marattil, J., «Reverential Fear in the Indian Culture»Ehe
n° 166 (2011) 26-59Mendonça, A., «Cultural Contexts and the Nullity of Marriage. Part II»Ehe
n° 166 (2011) 24-25Read, G., «Comment on MP for the Prevention of Illegal Financial Activities»Vermögensrecht
n° 166 (2011) 14-16Read, G., «Comment on 'Proposed Reforms in Penal Procedures'»Strafrecht / Prozesse
n° 166 (2011) 5-13Arrieta, J.I., «Proposed Reforms in Penal Procedure»Strafrecht / Prozesse
n° 165 (2011) 66-67Hansen, F., «Ordinations to the Personal Ordinariate. Questions re Incardination and Obedience»Teilkirche
n° 165 (2011) 41-61Mendonça, A., «Culture, Contexts and the Nullity of Marriage»Ehe
n° 165 (2011) 21-23Jukes, J., «Reflections on the Roman Rota»Prozesse
n° 165 (2011) 8-16Read, G., «Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham: Decree of Erection. Comment»Teilkirche
n° 163 (2010) 87-99Madera, A., «Juridical Bonds of Marriage For Jewish and Islamic Women»Ehe
n° 163 (2010) 63-86Conneely, J., «Catholic Muslim Marriages»Ehe
n° 163 (2010) 49-50Jukes, J., «Quaerela Nullitatis: Further Comment»Prozesse
n° 163 (2010) 43-48Dunn, B., «Vasectomy: Reply»Weihe
n° 163 (2010) 36-42Coriden, J., «Vasectomy: An Irregularity for Orders: Another Answer?»Weihe
n° 163 (2010) 34-35Read, G., «Archbishop as Coadjutor»Teilkirche
n° 163 (2010) 17-33Wilson, Ph., «Mgr. Charles Lefebvre: Canonical Equity»Allgemeine Normen
n° 162 (2010) 39-41Jukes, J., «Obligations Following Nullity Decisions»Prozesse
n° 162 (2010) 22-26Read, G., «The Holy See and the Handling of Child Abuse Cases»Kirche und Staat / Strafrecht
n° 162 (2010) 16-21Read, G., «Anglicanorum coetibus: Six Months On»Teilkirche
n° 162 (2010) 9-15[senza autore], «Loss of Clerical State: Application of Special Faculties»Kleriker
161 (2010) 76-87Dawson, C., «Compatibility of Grounds: Canons 1101 and 1095, nn. 2 and 3»Ehe
161 (2010) 58-75Johnston, J.G., «'Into Something Rich and Strange'. Developments in Rotal Jurisprudence»Ehe / Prozesse
161 (2010) 45-54Vidler, D., «Irregular Marriages and Admission to Holy Communion»Eucharistie / Ehe
161 (2010) 41-44Gargaro, P., «Judges as Witnesses in a case of Querela Nullitatis»Prozesse
161 (2010) 35-40Read, G., «Seminary Formation and the discernment of Priestly Vocations»Kleriker
161 (2010) 30-34Jukes, J., «Canonical Reflections on the Closure of a Church»Heilige Orte
161 (2010) 19-25Read, G., «Comment on motu proprio Omnium in Mentem»Kirchenrecht allgemein
159 (2009) 47-78McCormack, A., «Privileges of Cardinales»Hierarchische Verfassung
159 (2009) 38-39Sloan, M.A., «Associations of Christ's Faithful»kanonische Vereine
159 (2009) 32-37Read, G., «Non-Acceptance and Transfer of Nullity Cases»Prozesse
159 (2009) 30-31Murtagh, C., «Inter-Relationship between Canon 1095 No. 2 and No. 3»Ehe
159 (2009) 23-29Mendonça, A., «Irremediable Nullity of an Appeal Court Decree»Prozesse
159 (2009) 12-22Robbins, P., «Defect of Form: Multiple Marriages»Ehe
158 (2009) 47-105Mendonça, A., «A Doctrinal and Jurisprudential Analysis of Canon 1097 on Error of Fact»Ehe
158 (2009) 38-43Jukes, J., «The Response of a Diocese to the Challenge Presented by a Shortage of Priests»Teilkirche
158 (2009) 34-37Read, G., «Statement of the Bishops of the Archidiocese of Los Angeles on 'Same Sex Marriages'»Ehe
158 (2009) 28-33Read, G., «Discerning Vocations Among Persons with Homosexual Tendencies»Kleriker
157 (2009) 94-110Robitaille, L., «Exclusion of the 'Bonum Coniugum': Interpreting and assessing evidence»Ehe
157 (2009) 91-93Vidler, D., «More on the 'Bonum Coniugum'»Ehe
157 (2009) 75-90Price, D., «Conformity of Sentence in a Marriage Nullity Case»Prozesse
157 (2009) 73-74Read, G., «Pluri-Intentional Masses: How Many Intentions?»Eucharistie
157 (2009) 65-72Read, G., «Prohibition of an Individual from Receiving Holy Communion»Eucharistie
157 (2009) 47-64Boyle, J., «Does there Exist an Internal Forum Solution for the Divorced and Remarried?»Ehe / Eucharistie
157 (2009) 32-35Jukes, J., «The Bishop Emeritus»Teilkirche
156 (2008) 54-55Read, G., «Confession and Mass»Eucharistie / Buße
156 (2008) 42-44Cousins, D., «Data Protection and Access to Tribunal Papers»Prozesse
156 (2008) 37-41Gargaro, P., «Entrustment of Parishes to Juridical Persons»Teilkirche
156 (2008) 25-31Read, G., «Approval of Statutes of Neocatechumenate»kanonische Vereine
156 (2008) 9-13Read, G., «Ordination of Women: Further Repercussions»Weihe
155 (2008) 64-91Robitaille, L., «Further Look at Perpetuity»Ehe
155 (2008) 61-63Hadley, J., «Further Look at the Maturity of Canon 1095, 3°»Ehe
155 (2008) 56-60Ardagh-Walter, D., «The Right to Marry»Ehe
155 (2008) 22-28Read, G., «Excommunication on Ordination of Women CDF Decree»Strafrecht
155 (2008) 8-14Miralles, A., «Validity of Baptism: CDF Response and Roma Comentary on Reply»Taufe
154 (2008) 89-111Mendonça, A., «Recent Rotal Jurisprudence: Deceit»Ehe
154 (2008) 83-86Hadley, J., «Marriage Ministry and Rite of Marriage: Paul Covino»Ehe
154 (2008) 65-75Vidler, D., «The Sacrum and Tridentine Mass in England»Eucharistie
154 (2008) 55-60Read, G., «Infants Who Die Without Baptism»Taufe
154 (2008) 53-54Read, G., «Comment on Mgr. Alesandro's Paper on Code of Canon Law»Kirchenrecht allgemein
154 (2008) 23-52Alesandro, J.A., «Code of Canon Law: Past, Present and Future»Kirchenrecht allgemein
154 (2008) 17-18Hadley, J., «Administering Justice in the Church. Comment on Papal Allocution to Rota (26 January 2008)»Prozesse
153 (2008) 57-62McGrath, A., «Development of Jurisprudence on Psychological Grounds»Ehe
153 (2008) 44-56Read, G., «Development of Jurisprudence on Traditional Grounds»Ehe
152 (2007) 22-23Read, G., «New Norms for Papal Elections»Hierarchische Verfassung
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