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Articoli della rivista «Eastern Legal Thought»
che sono stati inseriti nella Bibliografia Canonistica

Volume e Pagine Articolo Campo del diritto
19 (2023) 297-323Puliurumpil, J., «The Prospects for Hierarchical Perfection of the Syro-Malabar Church»Chiesa particolare
19 (2023) 265-295Eluvathingal, F., «The Nature of Autonomy and Hierarchical Dependence of the Syro-Malabar Mission Eparchies»Chiesa particolare
19 (2023) 223-243Vattappalam, M., «The Election of Bishops in the Tradition of the Syro-Malabar Church»Chiesa particolare
19 (2023) 189-221Adoppilly, Th.M., «The Growth of Hierarchical Structure of the Syro-Malabar Church and the Book of Decrees of Mar Mathew Makil»Chiesa particolare
19 (2023) 165-187Palathingal, V., «The System of Administration of the St. Thomas Christian Church in Varthamanappusthakam»Chiesa particolare
19 (2023) 141-163Thekkekara, G., «Hierarchical Structure in the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches»Chiesa particolare / Costituzione gerarchica
19 (2023) 119-140Gefaell, P., «Hierarchical Structure in the Latin Church sui iuris»Chiesa particolare
19 (2023) 89-117Porunnedom, J., «Apostolic Vicariates in the Syro-Malabar Church Revisited. Context, Consequences»Chiesa particolare
19 (2023) 61-88Kokkaravalayil, S., «Hierarchical Communion of the St. Thomas Christian Church with the East Syrian Church»Chiesa particolare
19 (2023) 9-60Pallath, P., «The Liturgical Identity of the Syro-Malabar Church and Fidelity to the Patrimony of the Eastern Churches»Chiesa particolare
17 (2021) 247-271Palathingal, V., «Synod of Diamper as a Juridical Source of the Syro-Malabar Church»Storia del diritto
17 (2021) 177-216Kaduppil, R.J., «The Vow of Poverty and the Holding of Property. A Canonical-Civil Appraisal»Vita Consacrata
17 (2021) 111-159Muttamthotty, S., «Abuses Against the Sanctity of Eucharistic Discipline»Delitti e Pene
17 (2021) 45-110Vattappalam, M., «Protection of the Minors and a Vademecum of the Church to apply for the Procedural Norms»Delitti e Pene / Processi
17 (2021) 9-43Kokkaravalayil, S., «Certain Questions which Require Clarification for a Correct Understanding»Delitti e Pene
16 (2020) 177-204Perumayan, B.V., «The Competence to adjudicate Cases of Bishops of Major Archiepiscopal Church»Processi
16 (2020) 155-176Thekkekara, G., «Church Bill 2009: The Unseen Consequences»Diritto ecclesiastico
16 (2020) 143-153Palathingal, V., «The Juridical Figure of Procurator and the Syro-Malabar Church»Chiesa particolare
16 (2020) 119-142Adoppillil, Th., «The Juridical Figure of Pastor according to Eastern Tradition»Chiesa particolare
16 (2020) 85-118Kokkaravalayil, S., «Understanding Domicile and Quasi Domicile in Relation to Syro-Malabar migrants»Chiesa particolare
16 (2020) 39-83Thekkekara, G., «Power of the Roman Pontiff in Relation to the Patriarchal Churches. An Ecumenical Perspective of CCEO»Costituzione gerarchica
16 (2020) 9-37Mangalathil, J.G., «The Canonical Figure of the Vicar of the Archeparchy of Ernakulam-Angamaly»Chiesa particolare
14 (2019) 199-238Thekkekara, G., «Rights and Obligations of the Christian Faithful to Build up the Church»I fedeli in genere
14 (2019) 131-159Nobel, M.-A., «Role and Function of an Assessor in Canonical Trials»Processi
14 (2019) 91-130Kokkaravalayil, S., «The Code of Canons on the Apostolate of the Religious in the Church»Vita Consacrata
14 (2019) 65-89Gefaell, P., «The Ecumenical Council and the Synod of Bishops (of the Whole Catholic Church)»Costituzione gerarchica
14 (2019) 9-63Ruyssen, G.-H., «Byzantine Synodos endemousa and the Permanent Synod in the Codified Eastern Law»Chiesa particolare
14 (2018) 125-146Jiménez Echabe, A., «Vultum Dei Quaerere (Contemplative Religious)»Vita Consacrata
14 (2018) 109-123Fanella, A., «Oriental Matrimonial Law and the Concept of Condition»Matrimonio
14 (2018) 81-108Kokkaravalayil, S., «Further Possibilities for the Syro-Malabar Particular Law»Chiesa particolare
14 (2018) 69-79Gefaell, P., «The MMI's Repeal of the Sufficiency of Pre-Marriage Investigation for Declaring the Free Status of Civilly-Married Oriental Catholics»Matrimonio
14 (2018) 39-68Arroba Conde, M.J., «The Relationship Between the Episcopal Judicial Power and the Technical Offices in the Processus Brevior»Processi
14 (2018) 9-37Gutierrez, A., «Canonization of Civil Law»Norme generali
13 (2017) 205-224Berkmann, B.J., «References to Non-Christians. A Comparison between the CIC and the CCEO»Studi generali
13 (2017) 189-203Gefaell, P., «Exclusion of bonum coniugum after Pope's 2013 Address to Roman Rota»Matrimonio
13 (2017) 157-187Nedungatt, G., «Papacy and Church Unity»Costituzione gerarchica
13 (2017) 103-156Green, Th.J., «The processus matrimonialis brevior coram Episcopo: Initial Comments on Mitis et misericors Iesus 1369-1373»Processi
13 (2017) 63-101Schöch, N., «Proving the Exclusion of the bonum fidei and the bonum prolis in Matrimonial Consent according to Recent Rotal Jurisprudence»Matrimonio
12 (2016) 201-210Gefaell, P., «The Role and Style of Functioning of the Tribunal of Apostolic Penitentiary in the Internal Forum»Processi
12 (2016) 165-200Kokkaravalayil, S., «The Syro Malabar Church after the Promulgation of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches»Studi generali
12 (2016) 107-164Green, Th.J., «Mitis et Misericors Iesus: Some Initial Reflections»Processi
12 (2016) 93-106Gefaell, P., «Exclusion of Bonum Sacramenti»Matrimonio
12 (2016) 65-92Nedungatt, G., «Papal Primacy and Ecumenism»Costituzione gerarchica
11 (2015) 129-148Puthenparambil, M.J., «Possible offices of the laity in the Diocesan Curia. A Comparison of CCEO and CIC»Fedeli Laici / Chiesa particolare
11 (2015) 105-128Chiramel, J., «The Role of Curia in the Administration of the Eparchy»Chiesa particolare
11 (2015) 63-104Kokkaravalayil, S., «Particular Law in CCEO and Catholicisation»Studi generali
11 (2015) 33-62Nedungatt, G., «Magisterium, Theology and Pluralism»Munus docendi