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Articles from the periodical «Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law»
which have been inserted into the Bibliografia Canonistica

Volume and Pages Article Field of law
39 (2022) 165-178Gałdyn, P., «The Judicial Function of the Bishop in the Church of the First Centuries»History of Law / Particular Church / Processes
39 (2022) 125-162Condorelli, O., «Un'opera ancora da studiare l'Editio Romana del Corpus iuris canonici»History of Law
38 (2021) 193-210Alexandrowicz, P., «Pacta sunt servanda: Canon Law and the Birth and Dissemination of the Legal Maxim»History of Law
37 (2020) 65-86Helmholz, R.H., «Counsel in the Medieval Canon Law»General Norms / History of Law
36 (2019) 299-314Duggan, A.J., «"New" and "Old" Law in the Twelfth Century. A Contribution to the Current Debate»History of Law
36 (2019) 195-208Eichbauer, M.H., «A Desire for the Latest and the Greatest. Recent Papal Decretals and Roman Law in the Collectio decem partium»History of Law
36 (2019) 175-193Larson, A.A., «Gratian, Original Sin, and the Sins of the Fathers. A Question of Sources and the Influence of the School of Laon»History of Law
36 (2019) 157-173Blumenthal, U.-R., «1111 and Canon Law in Rome»History of Law
36 (2019) 123-156Condorelli, O., «Immagini del primato romano nella scienza canonistica bizantina del secolo XII»History of Law
36 (2019) 1-16Erdö, P., «Lo spirito del presbiterio. Alcuni precedenti disciplinari e dottrinali dell'idea di "sinodalità"»Hierarchical Constitution
35 (2018) 243-253Pennington, K., «The Golden Age of Episcopal Elections 1100-1300»History of Law
35 (2018) 215-241Kelly, H.A., «Oath-taking in Inquisitions»History of Law
35 (2018) 185-214Alexandrowicz, P., «Leges non dedignantur sacros canones imitari. Canonical Reinterpretaion of Justinian's Novel 83.1 (= Authen. 6. 12. 1) in Lucius III's Decretals»History of Law
35 (2018) 41-184Lenz, Ph., «Die Glossierung und die Glossen in den frühesten Handschriften des Decretum Gratiani»History of Law
35 (2018) 1-40Erdő, P., «I criteri di idoneità al sacerdozio nei primi secoli del Medioevo»History of Law / Clergy
34 (2017) 299-312Dolezalek, G., «The History of Courts and Procedure in Medieval Canon Law»History of Law
34 (2017) 281-297Donahue, Ch.Jr., «Order in the Court: Medieval Procedural Treatises in Translation»History of Law
34 (2017) 249-258Pennington, K., «Legista sine canonibus parum valet, canonista sine legibus nihil»History of Law
34 (2017) 143-193Reno III, E.A., «The Two Anonymous Liber extra Commentaries in Paris, BNF lat. 3966»History of Law
34 (2017) 113-142Perisanidi, M., «Anglo-Norman Canonical Views on Clerical Marriage and the Eastern Church»History of Law
34 (2017) 89-112Burden, J., «Gratian North of the Alps. New Evidence of the First Recension in the Archidiocese of Salzburg»History of Law
34 (2017) 61-87Padovani, A., «Sull'uso del metodo questionante nel Decretum. Un contributo»History of Law
34 (2017) 1-31Fiori, A., «Roman Law Sources and Canonical Collections in the Early Middle Ages»History of Law
33 (2016) 209-228Sinisi, L., «The Commentaries on the Tridentine Decrees in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. The First Remarks on a Category of "prohibites" Works»History of Law
33 (2016) 185-207Pennington, K., «Ecclesiastical Liberty on the Eve of the Reformation»History of Law
33 (2016) 145-184Dondorp, H., «Transmissibility of Delictual Claims»History of Law / Penal Law
33 (2016) 27-68Viejo-Ximénez, J.M., «La suma Quoniam in omnibus y las primeras summae de la Escuela de Bolonia»History of Law
33 (2016) 1-12Firey, A., «Beyond the Penitentials. Early Medieval Discourse on Penance»History of Law
32 (2015) 127-143Magnúsardóttir, L., «Icelandic Church Law in the Vernacular 1275-1550»History of Law
32 (2015) 97-125Pennington, K., «Reform in 1215: Magna Carta and the Fourth Lateran Council»History of Law
32 (2015) 79-96Jamin, J., «La decretale Maiores di Innocenzo III e la competenza del Romano Pontefice ratione fidei»History of Law
32 (2015) 57-77Brasington, B.C., «A Twelfth-Century Treatise on Proof "Saepenumero (uero) in iudiciis examinandis"»History of Law
32 (2015) 37-55Condorelli, O., «A proposito della Summa in Decretum di Simone da Bisignano edita da Pier V. Aimone Braida»History of Law
32 (2015) 19-35Landau, P., «The Origin of the Regula iuris "Quod omnes tangit" in the Anglo-Norman School of Canon Law during the Twelfth Century»History of Law
32 (2015) 1-18Austin, G., «How Old was the Old Law? Talking about Change in the History of Medieval Church Law»History of Law
31 (2014) 205-236Reid, C.J., «May a Man Marry a Man? Medieval Canon Lawyers and Theologians Analyze Same-Sex Unions»History of Law / Marriage
31 (2014) 125-145Roumy, F., «"Silentium perpetuum" et "absolutio ab impetitione". L'expression de la sentence définitive et de la requête irrecevable dans la procédure canonique des XIIe et XIIIe siècles»History of Law
31 (2014) 111-124Pennington, K., «Gratian and the Jews»History of Law
31 (2014) 57-109Larson, A.A., «Gratian's "De penitentia" in Twelfth-Century Manuscripts»History of Law
31 (2014) 23-55Viejo-Ximénez, J.M., «Cicerón y Graciano»History of Law
30 (2013) 89-122Blumenthal, U.R., «A Gloss of Hostiensis to X 5.6.17 (Ad liberandam)»History of Law
30 (2013) 71-87Corran, E., «An Approach to Canonical Procedure. The Compilation of 'exceptiones' in British Library Add. 24979»History of Law / Processes
30 (2013) 45-70Štulrajterova, K., «Sacerdotal Celibacy in Medieval Hungary»History of Law / Clergy
30 (2013) 21-43Summerlin, D., «Three Manuscripts Containing the Canons of the 1179 Lateran Council»History of Law
30 (2013) 1-20Hamilton, L.I. — Brett, M., «New Evidence for the Canons of the First Lateran Council»History of Law
29 (2011) 219-251Štulrajterová, K., «The Non-alienation Clause in the Hungarian and English Coronation Oaths. An Unjustified Papal Assumption?»History of Law
29 (2011) 183-218Rubin, J., «John of Ancona's Summae. A Neglected Source for the Juridical History of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem»History of Law
29 (2011) 169-182Wei, J.C., «The 'Extravagantes' in the Decretist Summa 'Reverentia sacrorum canonum'»History of Law
29 (2011) 119-167Eichbauer, M.H., «From the First to the Second Recension: The Progressive Evolution of the Decretum»History of Law
29 (2011) 51-118Larson, A.A., «An Abbreviatio of the First Recension of Gratian's Decretum in Munich?»History of Law
29 (2011) 35-49Hartmann, M., «The Letter Collection of Abbot Wibald of Stablo and Corvey and the Decretum Gratiani»History of Law
29 (2011) 1-34Knibbs, E., «Pseudo-Isidore at the Field of Lies: 'Divinis praeceptis' (JE +2579) as an Authentic Decretal»History of Law
24 (2000) 130-133Clarke, P.D., «The Fragment of a Collection of Boniface VIII's Extravagantes and a Gloss to Unam Sanctam from Carlisle»History of Law
24 (2000) 97-129Lenherr, T., «Die 'Glossa ordinaria' zur Bibel als Quelle von Gratians Dekret»History of Law
24 (2000) 78-96Sommar, M.E., «Gratian's Causa VII and the Multiple Recension Theories»History of Law
24 (2000) 65-77Drossbach, G., «Decretals and the Schools? The Collectio Francofurtana»History of Law
24 (2000) 10-53Goldberg, J., «The legal Persona of the Child in Gratian's Decretum»History of Law
23 (1999) 114-125Weigand, R., «Versuch einer neuen, differenzierten Liste der Paleae und Dubletten im Dekret Gratians»History of Law
23 (1999) 77-84Landau, P., «Patristische Texte in den beiden Rezensionen des 'Decretum Gratiani'»History of Law
23 (1999) 35-65Guerra Medici, M.T., «For a History of Women's Monastic Institutions. The Abbess: Role, Functions and Administration»Consecrated Life / History of Law
23 (1999) 16-34Erdő, P., «Mittelalterliche Offizialate in Ungarn und in Polen»History of Law
23 (1999) 10-15Deutinger, R., «The Decretist Rufinus - a well-known person?»History of Law
21 (1991) 47-78Brown, J., «The Declaratio on John XXII's decree Execrabilis and the early history of the Rota»History of Law
21 (1991) 25-45Schaffern, R.W., «A new canonistic text on indulgenes: De quantitate indulgentiarum of John of Dambach, O.P. (1288-1372)»History of Law
21 (1991) 11-24Fransen G., «Glosa Urgellensis»History of Law
20 (1990) 1-29Müller, W.P., «The Recovery of Justinian's Digest in the Middle Ages»History of Law