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Titles from the book series «Dharmaram canonical studies»
which have been inserted into the Bibliografia Canonistica

vol. Field of Law Shelfmark PUG  
33 Payyappilly, S., A compendium of revised norms of Corpus iuris canonici, Bengaluru, India: Dharmaram Publications 2023, ISBN: 978-81-89958-97-8, xx + 314 pp.Canon Law in generalMag. 80 B 664
29 Velacherry, A., Briefer Judicial Process of Matrimonial Nullity. The Role of Eparchial/Diocesan Bishop as Personal and Sole Judge in the Reformed Matrimonial Nullity Process of ”Mitis et Misericors Iesus” and ”Ratio Procedendi”, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications 2022, xx + 463 pp.ProcessesMag. 84 T 239
19 Kalezhath, B., Mission "Ad Gentes" Outside the Proper Territory of a "Sui Iuris" Church, Bengaluru (India): Dharmaram Publications 2018, ISBN: 978-93-84964-05-4, xl + 727 pp.Teaching Office 
19 Thanchan, G., The Juridical Institution of Major Archbishop in Oriental Canon Law with Special Reference to the Syro-Malabar Church, Bangalore (India): Dharmaram Publications 2017, ISBN: 978-93-84964-75-7, xviii + 396 pp.Particular ChurchMag. 7 CN 228
17 Mathew, R., Novitiate formation. A theologico-canonical study of Canon 646 of CIC, Bengaluru (India): Dharmaram Publications 2016, ISBN: 978-93-84964-55-9, xviii + 315 pp.Consecrated LifeMag. 83 L 24
13 Puthenparambil, M.J., Role of the Laity in the Diocesan Curia. A Comparative Study of the Latin and the Eastern Codes, Bangalore (India): Dharmaram Publications 2015, xvi + 337 pp.Laity 
9 Payyappilly, S., Mixed Marriage, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications 2014, ISBN: 978-81-89958-97-8, xx + 314 pp.MarriageMag. 43 Q 4
8 Abbass, J., The Eastern Code (Canon 1) and Its Application to the Latin Church, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications 2014, ISBN: 978-81-89958-80-0, xiv + 273 pp.Canon Law in general