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Origin of the translations:
Italiano: Cooperativa Promozione Culturale S.r.l., Roma
English: Canon Law Society of America 1998
Deutsch: Deutsche Bischofskonferenz u. a.
Español: Conferencia Episcopal Española
Français: Conférence des évêques catholiques du Canada
Hravtski: Hrvatska biskupska konferencija
Magyarul: Erdő Péter
Norsk: Torbjørn Olsen
Polski: Piotr Majer et alii
Português: Conferência Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil
Slovenský: Konferencia biskupov Slovenska
Please note that the translations of the CIC on our website do not always correspond to the sources indicated, either because of the various changes made to the CIC or because of corrections of inaccurate translations. We may also make changes to the translations on our website. If you wish to cite a translation in an academic publication, we recommend that you check it against the printed sources.